Painting Cabinets: What You Need To Know

A cabinet painting is, in a very literal sense, a tiny painted cabinet, usually no greater than about two feet in either length or width, but quite often far smaller. The word is also used, more figuratively, for paintings which show landscapes or full-length images at a reduced scale and not life-size, as is the norm. It is usually painted on a solid surface and is done with brush and ink, and sometimes even pencil. The cabinets were originally built to store things in, and to protect them from dust and moisture. Today, they still do that, of course, but today’s cabinets are painted to make their contents look beautiful.

Cabinet painting is, in fact, one of the most popular home painting services available. Many people have painted their cabinets themselves, either for fun, for insurance purposes (when cabinets get damaged), or professionally. Many companies offer a service where the owner takes a photo of his or her house and sends it off to a cabinet refinishing company in Louisville who then goes and paints all of the interior cabinets. They can even paint trim. It’s a great way to restore a house, and it usually costs about as much as renting a home.

When looking for a painting contractor to paint your cabinetry, you will first want to look online and see what sorts of services are offered there. There are quite a few painting companies offering cabinetry painting, and some of them have several packages to choose from. For example, there are those that’ll come to your home, bring pictures of the rooms you want to paint, and then quote a price for the job. You may also be able to find a company that will come to your home and assess the damages to your kitchen cabinets before coming up with a quote.

Before choosing a cabinet painting company, you should consider your own needs. How badly do you need the job? Are you just looking to cover up damaged cabinets, or do you have an extensive variety of cabinetry in need of serious repair? If your cabinets are damaged, it is usually a good idea to replace them rather than hire a company to sand them down. If your cabinets have stains, then it can be a good idea to prep them so they won’t be ruined by the sanding. There are several different kinds of paint, and you have to know which kind to use for the job. Two good kinds to use for prep work are latex and high-quality paint. Latex is cheaper and can be found in some paint stores. However, it is more difficult to clean up if something should happen to the surface. High-quality paint has a thicker consistency, and therefore it is easier to clean up.

Once you have your surfaces ready to paint, you should have a couple of weeks at the least to prep your kitchen properly. Remove everything from your cabinets, including any hardware. The old paint can be washed but make sure that it is completely dry before applying another coat. Once your surfaces are dry, you can apply the primer and the paint. You can have your kitchen looking as great as ever in no time at all.