Bathtub Replacement – Installing Liners

Bathtub ReplacementThe bathroom is probably one of the rooms in the house that is most often ignored when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Many homeowners focus their attention and energy on the living room or bedroom when it comes to making changes to their homes, but the bathroom deserves more attention than most homeowners give it. In addition to being a private, quiet sanctuary, the bathroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation. When this is the case, the owner should consider replacing the tub with a luxury bathtub replacement in order to create this type of atmosphere. Bathroom remodeling does not have to involve ripping out walls or reworking ceilings; however, replacing the bathtub can make a world of difference in terms of both the look and comfort of the room.

When it comes to bathtubs, there is an array of styles, colors and materials to choose from. It can be confusing to determine which tub is right for your home. Fortunately, it can be made easier by learning a few important tips when it comes to Portland bathtub replacement. There are also several online sources that can help a homeowner determine the perfect bathtubs for their home.

Before beginning the process of bathtub replacement, it is important to ensure the bathtub will fit in the existing opening. This can be done by removing the old bathtub, which requires a general contractor. Next, the contractor will measure the opening. This will allow him or her to purchase the correct size of tub liner. The right bathtub replacement parts include bathtub liners, bathtub spouts and traps. While many homeowners focus their attention on which bathtub material is best for their particular situation, bathtub liners can also offer the homeowner many options.

A bathtub replacement is most effective when it is filled with the correct type of material. Most experts recommend vinyl, because it has the ability to withstand water damage. Some homeowners prefer fiberglass, because it is considered an insulator. Both have advantages, but in the case of bathtub replacements, the more thermally insulated the liner, the better. It is also important to keep in mind that if the bathtub replacement liner becomes wet, mold growth will likely occur. It is best to prevent mold growth by draining any water away from the bathtub and lining completely before filling it with new liner material.

When choosing which bathtub replacement liner to install, it is important to consider the installation process itself. Most experts recommend the do-it-yourself method of installing bathtub liners. This includes the use of a caulking gun to smooth out any bubbles or air pockets between the liner and the walls. Once this is done, the homeowner should run a bead of caulk through the entire inside. This process makes it easier to fill the tub with the correct amount of liner at a time, as it avoids air pockets that allow moisture to form at the corners.

If the tub is not going into the house permanently, then the homeowner may consider having a professional install the liner. This process is slightly more involved than just peeling off the old liner. The contractor will cut out a piece of the old bathtubs wall that does not go with the rest of the wall. These are called cutouts and can be difficult to install. Once these are in place, the contractor will begin installation of the new bathtub liner. They will make sure that all of the cuts and seams are correct, and then they will install it according to the instructions included with the liner.